Kitten Chat

From the first tiny ‘meow’ your kitten is telling you how they want to be treated. Understanding kitten chat will help you decide when they really need something or are simply playing you. Oh, how they love to play!

100 different ways of saying hello

Kittens are special is so many ways. They have a far wider vocabulary than most animals. Over 100 different ways of communicating are further complicated by the tone and intensity. Here are a few starting points to help understand your tiny little friend.

What’s really behind that ‘meow’?

The first ‘meow’ is an instinctive cry for help. However, very soon your kitten will use it to express a wide range of emotions. Love, fear, protest, approval or simply a friendly hello. You name it. Watch your kitten’s body language and you’ll soon understand their unique personality!

Cheer up it’s a ‘Chirrup’

Many kittens use the ‘chirrup’ sound. If yours does, you’ll no doubt think your kitten is taking the time to talk to you. Often used as a friendly greeting, it’s a great way to know you’re on your way to keeping your friend happy.

The purr in perfectly happy

The smallest kittens purr to tell their mother that they're happy. Kittens purr when they feel secure, when they’re in familiar surroundings or when they're half asleep. A kitten will also use it to get more than their share of stroking. New research even suggests that kittens can calm themselves down by purring and even use the vibrations to heal minor wounds.

Ongoing chats

In the wild, adult cats normally reserve sounds for mating or fighting. However, you’ll find your kitten will still continue to enjoy ongoing chats when it is fully grown. The reason is quite simple. A kitten that lives with you never really grows up because they remain in a mother-kitten relationship.

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