Does DINE® wet Cat Food need to be refrigerated after opening?

Yes. Any unused portion needs to be refrigerated in a sealed container. We recommend using the food within four days of opening. You may want to allow the food to sit at room temperature for about thirty minutes or microwave the food for a few seconds (in a microwave-safe dish - not in the can!) prior to feeding, as some cats do not care for cold food.

Can I feed DINE® Cat Food to my kitten?

Yes, DINE Cat Food has a range of dedicated kitten food in trays, pouch and dry is formulated to deliver great taste and 100% complete and balanced to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for growth and maintenance. Such specific Kitten food is recommended until your cat reaches 12 months of age, where they should then be eased into regular DINE meals.

How do I read the date code on DINE® Cat Food?

We currently have a Best Before date on our packaging that reads "Best Before MM/YYYY" or “BB DDMMYY” or “EXP DDMMYY”. For example, a date code that reads "Best Before 05/2007" is best if used by the end of May, 2007. These date codes can be found:

  • On the base of DINE DESIRE cans
  • Etched into the side of the aluminium DINE trays
  • On the back of DINE pouches
  • On the back of DINE DESIRE Dry bags

Can I recycle my DINE® Cat Food packaging?

Yes, the aluminium can and tray bases can be recycled however pouches and dry food bags cannot.

Where is DINE® Cat Food made?

DINE Trays are made in Wodonga, Australia. DINE DESIRE cans and pouches are produced in Thailand and the DINE DESIRE dry products are produced in Bathurst, Australia.

If you have any further questions you can call our customer enquiries line on 0800 440 111 or fill in the Contact us form